Version 9.2 > Can display images be stacked vertically in the Display Monitor Panel?


8/10/2022 10:33:12 AM

Our stage monitors are arranged with the top 2/3 as active text and the bottom 1/3 as preview (next slide) text.

These show as two separate horizontally embedded displays. It would be more convenient and logical to have

them stacked vertically in the Display Monitor Panel, thus mirroring the actual physical setup.

Is this possible? If not, can it be an option in future releases?

George Taylor
8/10/2022 12:13:21 PM

Hi Dick,

This can be done to some degree.  There is an "Arrangement Mode" control from the main toolbar Layout menu.  Clicking this will allow you to drag/drop and resize the main panels.

In this case, the individual display window thumbnails cannot be rearranged within the Embedded Display panel, however, you can resize the Embedded Display panel in such a way that the thumbnails will be arranged vertically (they auto-arrange and size within the panel).  This may or may not solve your problem depending on how you like to arrange the main panels.

As I recall there was some discussion in the past about improving the panel arrangement options but nothing is currently under development.

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