Version 8.3 > * key blanking


5/28/2017 1:44:13 PM
I was reminded again this morning (actually every time I run SSP) how inconvenient it is
that the * key blanking or text removal stopped working correctly several years ago
and has never been fixed. It used to remove the text and then, when a new item was
chosen, put that item directly on screen. Then it started flashing the muted text up
before showing the new screen. I my view this completely negates the usefulness of
the * key. I will never use it as long as it flashes the previous text. It was one of the
most convenient and most used SSP features. Now I have to sprinkle blank slides (those
without text) into every song and in scripture passages. I'd like to know if there is any
plan to put this feature back correctly.

5/30/2017 6:34:53 PM
I have to agree with Dick, this is beyond annoying. Quickly blanking the screen because someone is not following the program order is the best way to avoid further distractions, having the incorrect text briefly show up before you can project the correct text just makes it worse.

5/30/2017 9:02:30 PM
Maybe sometime they will see that this bug is removed -- a couple of years and counting

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