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7/21/2017 10:14:34 AM

Where's the best way to get up to speed after upgrading from version 7 (June 2010 edition) to version 8.3 (Pro, with Silver)?

There are many things that are different, some added features, etc. I've poked around a little already, but nothing seems obvious. The videos available to us, are only the basic videos. Great for those involved in presenting programs, but not so much for creating them.

For example, I was confused about the transition in terminology from "Outline" (of text) to "Stroke." What?! Maybe "Draw Stroke [Over/Under] Fill" seems intuitive to some, but I had no idea what it meant. I did find out using, the online help, and a little trial and error (I really like the effect! I just didn't know what it was.). How do I get up to speed on these sorts of changes?

Another example, is that some (at least) of my slide shows from version 7 defaulted to fade over fixed background. I had no idea what was going on, but do I now need to check/edit all of the slides I created in version 7?

Another thing I found is that in some slide shows, the imported slide changes the properties of the text from "Default Text Size" to "Use the font sizes contained in the text contents," which seems to over-ride the "Shrink to fit" property. Once again, do I need to check/edit all the slides I created in version 7?

I'd also like some clear steps on how to share files from my computer (where I create slides, songs & programs), to the projection machine. Should I share all of my background files, including the ones I don't currently have assigned to a slide show or song? Will first time use by the projection machine make it unusable while the files are synced? Or, does syncing happen to the projection machine, on an as needed basis?

Okay, I've got more questions but I'll stop there for now. 

NOTE: I'm not asking for answers or solutions to these issues. I'm asking where I can find answers to these questions (if possible).

7/31/2017 1:01:26 PM
First the most obvious....

Check for updates in the User Guide in SSP and then search in the KB and Forums area on the topics.

Contact the support team.  Many things are hard to pin down in a search, so contacting the support team to "Talk it Out" is many times the best way to go.

I can generally say this...
The transition from 7 to 8 will have a few hurdles in both control and terminology (as you mentioned) but once you have that it should be fairly straight forward.  Also while compatibility and conversion are attempted to make the move as painless as possible, there may be some glitches in prepared content.  These range from simple to complex so I won't attempt to list them but it is a good idea to review all content that you intend to continue using going forward to make sure they behave as expected.

Regarding sharing - that too can mean many things.  Are you just wanting to take some content from a workstation to a projection machine or do you actually what to share it all real-time.  This is something that you can discuss with support.  They will discuss with you your goals and then guide you to the best solutions.

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