Version 9.2 > Find name of inserted video/image when directroy hs changed


10/1/2022 2:16:43 PM

I have recently re-arranged my SSPdata directory. I have a slide show in which I had inserted a video and an image (not backgrounds). Now when I edit that slideshow the video and image can't be found since the directory has been changed. Is there some way for me to find out which video and image I had originally been used? It is easy enough for backgrounds where the video/image can no longer be found, but I have not been able to find a way to get the names of the original files that were inserted in the slide show.

10/24/2022 2:21:41 PM

I would right click on the item, and pick "replace or relocate...". Then search by text and enter the name. If it is found, click on it. Now you can replace it, and also see the file path below.

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