Version 5.5 > Cannot return to first slide of verse when on last page of multi-part song component


1/25/2007 6:52:59 PM
This is on a new installation of songshow plus 5.5. If I've got a multi-page verse, chorus, etc..., when I get to the last page and click on the label (C, V1, etc.), a blank page with the song title appears. If I switch to another part of the song, I see what should have been displayed flash very quickly on the screen and then what I clicked on comes up.

For example: I'm displaying the chorus of a song; it has three pages. Going through the song, I display page one, page two, page three and then whoops! we're repeating the chorus, so I click on the "C" at the top of my screen, but all I get is a blank page with the song title on top. Not good. I then click on "V1," and I see the words of the chorus flash up quickly before verse one displays.

The computer I'm working on has just been through a fresh install of everything (including Win XP), but it's rather slow and quirky, so the problem might lie with the hardware.

Still, I'd like to get this fixed before Saturday to avoid embarrasing mistakes

Any thoughts?

David Migl

1/25/2007 6:59:55 PM
Wow. The computer recently ignored all of the page breaks I put in a song for no reason at all. Switching all of the lyrics over to a new song solves the problem. This comp is obviously quirky and that might be another reason to believe that the problem lies with the hardware.

1/25/2007 7:09:13 PM
have you had a look at the display settings for the song?
there's a option there for display verses page-by-page

1/25/2007 8:52:40 PM
You are on 5.5. Do you have a multithreading or multicore processor?

When I was on 5.5 I saw similar oddities (particularly with visualization backgrounds) until I turned the multithreading off. Then things were much better.

Version 5 does not support multithreading or multicore processors.

1/25/2007 8:59:40 PM
Display is set to page by page.

Hmm... interesting I know that the processor is intel, so I'll check to see if it's hyperthreaded. Is there some universal way to turn it off (BIOS maybe?) or does it vary?

1/26/2007 8:53:40 AM
Yes. If it is hyperthreaded you can turn it off in the bios. It made a world of difference to me when I was running 5.5

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