Version 9.2 > Managing Display Properties between PC's


12/6/2022 10:34:51 AM

There are literally hundreds of individual properties that can be set for each output (presentation, preview, etc.).

It would be nice to have some way to copy a default set of properties from one machine to others, but so far I

haven't been able find anything to do that. If that not possible (make it a wish item) then at least there should

be some way to view (in standard text) a complete list of the settings. I'm probably missing something here

because this is such a obvious need for any software to be able to clone important settings.

George Taylor
12/6/2022 11:41:00 AM

Hi Dick,

Just a bit of clarification - are you referring to just Slide Properties here or other settings as well such as Layouts, Preferences and Display Settings?

FYI - For the Slide Properties there are several ways to "clone" these at various levels.  The key here are the "Load From..." and "Save To..." options in the Slide Properties settings.  You can use these to select and save a wide range of settings.  These can then be "transported" using Tools > Backup > Slide Properties.

As far as the others, there are currently no tools to capture these settings.

The plain text "Configuration Tree" is an interesting idea....

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