Version 9.2 > Song text "jitters" during transition


12/19/2022 10:19:29 AM

We made a "big" change a few months ago (vs. 8.5 -> 9.2 and [1024x768] -> [1920x1080] projection).

Since that time, when advancing text in songs (mostly), the old text stays on the screen too long so that

as the next text arrives both are there for an instant making it look like the text has "jittered." We use

0.7 fade for all transitions. This is mainly noticed with songs, but also happens slightly at time with

scripture and slides. It is most noticeable we the background is an image over-laid on a motion graphic.

GFM said they thought it was due to how much processing was required even though they said our

computer was well able to handle the task. Yesterday, just on a whim, I ran our projection using vs. 8.5 --

guess what? No jitter! I hate having to use "no transition" as the only alternative.

George Taylor
12/21/2022 10:52:25 AM

Hi Dick.  That is interesting...

If I understand correctly, you are doing a layered background with some transparency showing an image and motion background at the same time - is that correct?

If so, what happens when you adjust the transparency?  Have you tried just one or the other?  Does that prevent the jitter?

If you have a setup that you can replicate the issue consistently, I would talk to the support guys and have them gather some info.


8/13/2023 1:14:11 PM

Long time reporting back, sorry. We were using 98% of the GPU -- no wonder it was having problems!

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