Version 9.2 > Multiple backgrounds in a song


David Shoemaker
12/22/2022 10:17:06 AM

Is there a way to put a different background on each verse of a song?

George Taylor
12/22/2022 12:44:50 PM

Yes. a couple actually...

The quickest is using the Background Improv.  This will allow you to change the background on the fly to whatever fits the mood.  It is a bit more labor intensive during the service and requires the operator to be paying close attention but can produce a nice presentation.

The more predictable way is to create a slideshow from the song, then set the properties for each slide as you see fit.  This is not very flexible real time but will let you create the expected result beforehand and get the same result each time. Fortunately, we have tools for this...

To build a slideshow from a song:

  • In Media Files > Songs locate the song you want to use.
  • Right-click the song and select the Convert to Slide Show option. This will create a slide-per-verse slide show.
  • Once the slideshow is created you can edit and save it.
    • When editing the slide show, you have a couple of ways to edit:  
      • If every verse has a different background the best way is to directly edit each slide and set the background.
      • If there are a few shared backgrounds throughout, it is easier to create Themes for each background and then apply them to the desired song slides.
  • Once a song slide show is created, when you add the song to a future program, it will ask you if you want to use the song or the slideshow.

This should get you going but if you have additional questions, you can consult the User Guide or contact the Support Team.

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