Version 8.4 > New SSP Mobile Control setup


12/6/2016 2:57:38 PM
The app installation is fairly straight forward.  Find the new SongShow Mobile Control app from the Google Play Store at this link or search the Google Play Store for "SongShow Mobile Control" on your device.

To set this up on the SongShow Plus side:
  • Make sure you have the latest build of SongShow Plus 8.4 installed.
  • Launch SSP and from the main toolbar select Settings > Mobile Control...
  • The Mobile Control settings panel for 8.4 should open.  Select Yes under the Enabled option.
  • OPTIONAL: The authorization option does work if you want to use that.  This is still the SSP system user name and password.
  • Close and re-open SSP.  You may be prompted to allow firewall access if not previously allowed.
Once this is complete, you should see the SSP system appear in the app available for selection.  From there you can select a display to control then which feature you want to use.

If you find issues with this app, please start a new thread in this forum.

Thanks for your interest in the new SongShow Mobile Control app!

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