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3/22/2007 9:20:09 PM
We are currently using a laptop to run SSP for worship times for various functions in our Fellowship Hall.  We have the laptop and a projector running from a portable cart,  so we have to have the whole setup in the middle of the room.  Not an ideal situation.  We'd like to permanently ceiling-mount a projector, but really don't want to hardwire it. 
Is anyone familiar with EIKI's EX WDVA wireless display adaptor?  Does it play well with SSP?  Sonds like an ideal solution but . . .

10-Q & 10-4

Richard in Oxnard (CA)

3/23/2007 11:13:27 AM
Anything to make more complex or possible slow down the signal, I would stay away from.

You are going to have to hardwire the power, anyway. So I, personally, would run either VGA or Cat-5 to use with VGA baluns (I think that's spelled right) when you run the power cord.

I formed this opinion after listening to many folks over at

You may also want to find out if you can hardwire the remote and run that cable at the same time. I love our hardwired remote.

3/23/2007 4:27:54 PM
I agree with Joel,
Just a question if you do choose to go that route,
What would happen if for some reason the wireless link did not work or if you were getting interference from another unknown source 10 minutes before a service?

3/23/2007 8:40:18 PM
Thanks Joel and Lucas.
Good points.
We got some thin'in' to do.
Allabest to thee and thine!

Richard in Oxnard (CA)

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