Version 9.2 > changing the Bible version from the program panel


1/22/2023 12:32:49 PM

I'm fairly sure that I have been able to change a scripture passage from, e.g., ESV to NIV,

in the program panel.  Now I can't figure out how.

George Taylor
1/25/2023 4:58:54 PM

Hi Dick.

Yes - you can do that from the Program Panel.

  • In the Program Panel, click to select the Scripture entry you want to change.
  • Right-Click the entry and from the bottom of the menu select Scripture Reference > Edit...
  • From the edit window you can either click on the Edit icon at the top OR right-click the entry and select Edit.
  • From the Scripture Selector dialog, select the version you want from the drop menu.
  • Ensure that the desired Book/Chapter/Verse(s) are selected.
  • Click the Select button.
  • You can confirm the version changed by the updated abbreviation.
  • Click the Save button.

1/26/2023 2:37:08 PM

Ah, I had added the sequence of scriptures as separate verses (as always), and it

seems to me that I will have to change versions for each verse separately - much easier

to just delete and re-enter!

1/26/2023 5:28:09 PM

I was going to show you a picture of the window I get but you don't seem to be able to receive PDFs.

Anyway, as far as I can see, you can only change the reference one verse at a time in 9.2!

Vs. 8.5 allowed the change of a entire sequence of verses.

I believe this would be considered a down-grade.

George Taylor
1/26/2023 6:36:32 PM

Hey again Dick.

I guess we would need to see specifically what you are looking at or trying to do, but I can say that even in 8.5 you cannot select multiple individual scripture objects (or any program objects for that matter) in the program panel.  If you have added a program object that has several scripture verses as a group to be displayed on individual slides (this is still possible in 9.2) then yes, that single object can be edited and change the bible version for all verses in the group.  It will depend on how you add the group and what your other settings are. 

The scripture management was very similar to 8.5 in version 9.0 and 9.1 but there were significant changes in 9.2.  If you need additional help sorting out the particulars, you can contact the Support Team.

1/28/2023 9:12:37 AM

George, I will send you PDFs of what I'm taking about if you let me know how. But take it

from me, I can change the version of an entire sequence of scripture verses in 8.5 - so far

I have only been able to change one-at-a-time in 9.2.

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