Version 5.5 > SSP 4 - Scripture verse numbers causing first line of verse to not show


5/29/2007 3:52:57 PM

Yeah I know we are in the stone age but at the moment that is the way life is working for me. So I’m grinning and baring it!

Version 4.02 (Version 4.0 Revision 5.1), Windows XP SP2, Nvidia GeForce4 Ti-4200-8x graphics card.

Everything is working like a charm on the new install, except when we have it set to show the individual verse numbers for each verse (not the reference field) it cuts off half of the top of the first line of text for the verse. If we show a range of verses (e.g. verses 1-3) it will still do the same thing and it will set the font size for verse 1 at X, verse 2 at Y (which is always smaller then X), and verse 3 at Z (which is even smaller). Grow/shrink to fit and consistent options don't seem to have an effect on this either. This shows on the screen and also on the preview window within the control panel.

Any ideas on how we could fix this?

The last computer we had it on was Win 98SE and we didn’t have any problems there… At the moment we have the 98SE machine on standby if we need to use it for scriptures a lot and then we use the WinXP machine for pretty much everything else (I wish the Belken KVM we got would work a bit better with the 98SE machine but that’s a different story).

The life of computers...

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