Version 8.4 > Activation problem - again


8/5/2017 2:51:33 PM
I took the computer home to update as we don't have internet at church. Got 8.4 all installed and activated and settings how we want. Took it back to church this morning and it says it's not activated. I hotspotted a phone to activate but it won't. It knows it was activated at home. I have a temp licence for now and can use previous version. This is second time I have had this happen. What is the problem with activating it and then relocating?

8/7/2017 9:53:25 AM
Hi Alister,
Sorry to hear about your difficulty.

FYI - the activation does not care where your system is (location is not part of the key) but if you change the system configuration the key generated can be altered.

Are you using the same network solution at home and the church (wireless I assume?)  If you are adding or removing things from the system when it moves from the church to home that would be the culprit.
If you contact the support team they can work through this with you and get it setup to be consistent.

8/7/2017 1:15:35 PM
I'm changing the network, mouse, keyboard, audio out and monitors. It is unbelievable that changing those affects the activation. I can understand tying it to HDD and CPU, but not plug in devices.

8/7/2017 2:17:39 PM

Of those items you mentioned, only the network may affect this.  More specifically, the network adapter.

Are you enabling/disabling an internal network adapter or adding/removing an external network adapter to get this to work?

If so that is probably the issue.

Try this regarding the network - even if it is not used at the church (since you have no internet) enable whatever you were using to connect at home and see if that works.

Or the best thing is to contact support for an offline activation.  They can generate an Unlock Code for you that matches your "At Church" configuration that you can manually enter in the "I have received an Unlock Code" step in the activation process.

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