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8/9/2017 1:36:29 PM
1) In 8.3 and before, entrance animations don't work when the slide show is shown automatically. Fixed?
2) Long ago we asked to have Exit Animations even when there was no Entrance Animation,
is that in the works?
3) Our church PC has 3 video outputs, but SSP can never seem to set them as Windows (10) does;
this requires me to go into Setting/Display whenever I start up and fix the settings, which should be automatic.
GFM says, "Yes, that's a problem!"
4) Hopefully, the default directory in a search will be at least as smart as in vs. 7. Presently, it rarely
has any idea what directory was last used for the particular operation and doesn't even default
to "programs" when searching for programs, "slide shows" when looking for slide shows, etc.
5) As far as I can tell, the pan/zoom effect hasn't been fixed so that it is as useful as what
was available in vs. 7. Seemly, I'm one of the few that uses that effect, so perhaps it doesn't
merit a fix. The zoom percents are inane and don't seem to correspond to any reasonable definition;
there is only 4 paths (when there was many more) and only the entire path duration can be
specified, rather than each segment. Allowing the use of the legacy effect would be an
welcome fix.

Although I could add to the list, this is more and I planned to write or that anyone wants to read.

8/9/2017 2:44:13 PM
Comments from another user:
1. I have disable the start animation through preferences in previous version.
4. Here, here! I thought it was frustrating it couldn't default to the proper directory for programs, slides, etc..


6. Not an 8.4 problem but a web page problem. When initially signing in to be able to download I receive a warning about your certificate. Pops up with Kaspersky(security software), Firefox browser, and Chrome browser. Of course they ask you ad naseum if you want to proceed and make you feel like an idiot if you do but hey you need to live on the wild side every so often.
7. When I pull up a PowerPoint file PowerPoint starts and nothing shows up on the screen. Solution right now is to create a slide show and then display the slide show.
8. Still having problems reading a song in from PowerPoint. This started with version 8 and the solution is to keep an SSP v7 around. The PPT files, PowerPoint version 1 files, are ancient. I have brought them up in PowerPoint, saved them as pptx file and tried converting them fro ppt to pptx online with negative results. I'll just keep SSP7 around when the worship team picks a hymn I haven't converted to a song.

SSP if you want me to start a new thread for 6, 7, and 8 let me know .

Tim Goldsmith
Kingsley UMC
Kingsley, MI

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