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3/18/2023 11:58:16 AM

Our CCLI reporting period is about to start, so I am looking in to the new auto reporting. I was happy to see this in the 9.3 notes, but I have some questions.

  • CCLI changed their API to accommodate Auto Reporting   **Breaking change for versions of SSP 9.2 and earlier. Exact date is TBD.** 
    • The expectation is that when SongSelect turns of the old API that SongSelect will not work in SSP 9.2 and earlier.
    • The SongSelect Download File option will still work in SSP 9.2 and earlier.

If we want to try auto reporting, can we switch to 9.3 now, understanding it is not fully released?

I think this means that if we stay on 9.2, the timing of the CCLI API change is TBD? So when that happens we won't be able to access SongSelect directly (this happened a few years ago), but will need to use a download file?

George Taylor
3/28/2023 11:58:16 AM

Hi Mark.

Yes - you can use the 9.3 Preview build to try out the auto reporting feature whenever you are ready.  A new build was published recently that has additional updates and bug fixes. 
Reminder - 9.3 in preview leverages the 9.2 license so you will still have 9.2 installed.  If necessary, you can switch back and forth. 

A note on the Auto Reporting - It appears that the reporting requirements have changed or are being enforced differently than the "old way".  That is to say that the info on the CCLI logging/tracking page seems to define things slightly differently than the manual method and appears to require only a single report per song.   You should verify that your results meet the current expectations.

Regarding the CCLI API change: We were advised that at some point the old CCLI API would be shut off but have not been given a date.  As of this writing, SongSelect still works as expected in 9.1 and 9.2.  For now imports are not affected but yes, when it is shut off the download file import will still work as expected.

George Taylor
4/18/2023 1:13:52 PM

UPDATE:  The latest info we have from CCLI is the first week of June 2023 for the removal of the old API that will break 9.2 and earlier.

The manual importing of songs will still work as expected.

4/18/2023 1:48:08 PM

According to CCLI, SongSelect online access will also stop. I received this today:




SongSelect® software integration is changing

If your church imports lyrics into presentation software from SongSelect, an update will soon be required to maintain your connection.

CCLI has introduced a new and improved version of the API that enables this integration, which your presentation software provider has now adopted. The old API connection will stop working on June 5, 2023.

What to do next

To keep your SongSelect integration working properly you will need to update your presentation software to the latest version. Please visit your presentation software provider’s website for further details, and how to upgrade.

If you choose not to make this update, your presentation software should continue to work, but the connection to SongSelect will be lost.

Why we’re making this change

From time to time it is necessary to update our API to keep pace with advances to underlying systems and technology, as well as to introduce new features. Among the benefits of this update is the ability for your church to enable CCLI auto-reporting.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you and serving the church.

4/19/2023 4:09:53 PM

I installed 9.3 and verified that songselect online works fine.

Only annoyance was that 9.3 did not pick up the data file location from the 9.2 install. All good after I manually set the path.

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