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8/24/2007 2:12:43 PM
I have begun to try and use video. I have an mpg file and want to fade to black. I tried to edit registered file typres, but I'm afraid of messing the whole computer up. Could you give me some pointers? Do I need another program to edit in?
Would certainly appreciate the help as now I ended up as the only audio visual tech.

8/24/2007 5:19:26 PM

You will need to edit the file with a video editor. Windoes Movie Maker can assist here.

You may be able to use a blank slide that is set to black, and then set the transition time to the max (1 second), between the video and whatever is next.

9/2/2007 9:29:14 PM

IAMGAP, Thanks for the suggestion...Will try that. Guess I'll have to get a movie editor.


9/3/2007 11:04:07 AM
Windows Movie Maker may do what you want.

Failing that (I don't know if WMM will import MPG), Adobe Premier Elements may be a good "budget conscious" choice. It is also packaged with Photoshop Elements for a good 1-2 kickoff.

9/7/2007 8:44:09 PM
Thanx, a colleague at work has that. He's offered to show me how to use it if I get it.

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