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8/13/2017 9:13:22 AM
Any one else having issues importing songs from SongSelect? This isn't new to 8.4, I just hoped it would be fixed. The direct connect doesn't work, nor do the txt files you download from the site. You can use the manual txt importer, but that is pretty cumbersome.

8/14/2017 1:33:03 PM

Both of these functions work in 8.4 and did work in 8.3 previously.

My suggestion is to contact support if you are having specific issues with song importation so that they can take a look and resolve on your system.

FYI - there are a couple of KB articles on this so you may want to take a look there as well.

9/1/2017 2:42:12 PM
My volunteers have reported problems, back under 8.3, but I haven't and they haven't been able to recreate them nor explain them other than "it doesn't work consistently". So I'm not sure what's going on.

10/20/2017 5:10:34 PM
I have just loaded 8.4 and have found the Acquire from> SongShow Online has been removed. Is there a setting to put it back?

10/21/2017 11:32:28 AM
In have 8.4 on Win 10 PC and I have (under "Create or Acquire from ...")
"Songselect Online" as the 9th item in the list.

10/23/2017 11:17:19 AM

A current subscription is required for the online services to work. 
If your subscription is current and this is still not showing up, please contact the support team for additional guidance. 

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