What Third Party bible scripture translations are supported in SongShow Plus?


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

 **There are currently NO Third-Party bible scripture translations supported in SongShow Plus**    

SongShow Plus 9 UPDATE: The use of Online Bible is now fully deprecated and will no longer work with SongShow Plus.

SongShow Plus 8 UPDATE: To use any of these 3rd party Bible plug-ins with SongShow Plus Version 8.x and newer, you must have SongShow Plus 7 installed on the same system.  Licencing is not required but the components used are in the SSP 7 Installation and associated plug-ins.   Since these are legacy deprecated programs, the components are not included in newer versions of SongShow Plus.

Simply download and the latest build of SSP7 and any associated plug-ins needed from the downloads page and install them - activation is not required.

NOTE: This article has been updated to clarify the difference between "supported" and "included" bible translations as well as the legacy nature of the 3rd party bible support.

SongShow Plus™ supports the direct access of scripture text, similar to accessing songs.  There are both SongShow Plus specific translations and others available via 3rd party software.

In the May 2009 Edition (SSP7), the options for bibles in SongShow Plus changed.  Additional public domain bibles were added as well as additional licensed bible versions. For a current list of the SongShow Plus managed bible translations, refer to article KB FAQ039.

If you would like to add an available bible version to SongShow Plus, refer to article FAQ67.
Legacy 3rd Party Bible Software Support

While these are no longer actively tested or supported, it is possible to connect to some 3rd party bible software. In SongShow Plus version 7,  it is possible to install a plug-in that will provide access to the Online Bible databaseLegacy support for Libronix and QuickVerse™ is also available (*see note below). These products are available separately and contain many different Bible versions. Contact the vendors below for specifics on version availability. 

For information about Online Bible visit the Cross Country Software (www.onlinebibleusa.com) site.

For information about Libronix database visit the Logos Research Systems (www.logos.com) site.*

For information about QuickVerse visit the QuickVerse (www.quickverse.com) site.*

*Note: As of the November 2008 release of SongShow Plus, support for QuickVerse and Libronix has been deprecated. The plug-ins for these products are still available and can be used with certain versions of these products. However, technical support will be limited and future compatibility with them is not assured.

There are no plans at this time to support QuickVerse 2009, and there is limited support for QuickVerse 2008. Earlier version of QuickVerse going back to 5.0 should still work with SongShow Plus until further notice.

Versions of SongShow Plus prior to the May 2009 Edition only have the King James Version (KJV) available as an integrated bible.  The additional third-party tools discussed still apply to earlier version of SSP.


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