Notebook / Laptop performance and Intel SpeedStep technology


Intel has a power saving technology for CPUs that is used primarily in notebook systems to conserve battery power and reduce heat generation.  This technology is called SpeedStep and when it is enabled it will throttle the CPU clock speeds down when the notebook is on battery power or when other power management operations engage it.

To learn more about Intel SpeedStep, you can search on the Intel website or go to Wikipedia and search for "SpeedStep".

This is relevant for SongShow Plus in that performance will suffer when the CPU clocks are reduced.  This may cause issues with a variety of SSP functionality, including but not limited to, visualizations, videos and effects. 
To avoid this issue with your notebook we recommend that you disable all SpeedStep features in both the Windows operating system AND in the system BIOS.  Consult your system manufacturer for additional details on how to do this.

We recommend that notebook systems always be run on line power instead of battery power for maximum performance.


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