SongShow Drive - A Primer


One very useful feature in SongShow Plus is SongShow Drive.  The initial feature post can be found here however some additional information is needed to use SongShow Drive to its full potential.

 * Ensure that you are using the most current build of SongShow Plus from the Download page for the best experience. *   

SongShow Drive is included with the SongShow Connect subscription, which also includes SongShow Sync.  The SongShow Connect subscription provides the storage space for these services and needs to be renewed to remain available.

NOTE: SongShow Connect services (Drive and Sync) are now included as part of the Silver Subscription. You must maintain a Silver Subscription or higher to preserve access to your files. Content may be deleted if subscription lapses for more than 60 days.

To maintain the continuity of your content it is important to select the correct department when adding, renewing or upgrading your SongShow Connect service. By default, this should be the Shared department. If you have any questions, contact us via the online support request selecting the "assistance using the website" option before proceeding with the addition or renewal of the SongShow Connect service.

 Operational Note: Neither SongShow Drive nor SongShow Sync are automatically executed.  Both require intentional and deliberate actions on the part of the user to upload or download content from the SongShow Connect repositories.

SongShow Drive can be found/used in several ways:

  • SongShow Drive SSP App - Found from the main toolbar in SSP -- Tools > SongShow Drive
    This can be used to view and manage content in an organization's SongShow Drive repositories from any SongShow Plus installation.
  • SongShow Drive SSP media integration - Found in several locations in SSP when importing/packaging/sending media items.
    This can be used to manage content on a specific SongShow Plus installation, downloading content as well as adding new content to an organization's SongShow Drive repositories.
  • SongShow Drive Web Interface - Available from the SongShow Plus site.
    This can be used to manage content and preview browser supported content.  Very convenient for adding content quickly from desktop or mobile devices.
    NOTE: A valid login to the website is required to view this feature:
    • An ORG account login can be used.  This will have full access to this feature.
    • A USER account login that has been invited to the ORG can be used. This user must switch to the ORG profile once logged in and will only have the roles assigned by the admin.

Many of the functions for each of these access types behave in the same manner though there are a few differences. Most are fairly intuitive, however, it is important to know which method you are using when discussing and troubleshooting so that the correct path can be explored.

Additional SongShow Drive related help and information on known issues can be found by reviewing the self-help resources and training options for SongShow Plus.

Training Videos - A video walk-through of this process may be available.  Depending on your current subscription level, you can go to the GoFishMedia website training page and log in with the same Customer ID and password that you use to log in to the SongShow Plus site or activate SongShow Plus. - Review this article for more details.

If you have any questions regarding the use of or issues with any of the SongShow Drive methods, please contact the Support Team.


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