SongShow Signage - A Primer


 SongShow Signage is a companion product of SongShow Plus. We have developed this product as a complement to the tools available for slide building and to allow a "fire and forget" option for displaying content. In coordination with GoFishMedia, a Signage package can be purchased to include Players and Channels for displaying content. Players and Channels will each require an annual subscription.

SongShow Signage is now generally available. Previously, SongShow Signage was only available through turnkey signage hardware purchased through GoFishMedia. These players are still available. However, if you have your own hardware, perhaps an older machine that you’d like to repurpose, you can now download and install the signage player yourself. The player’s configuration utility will step you through the process of setting up the machine to automatically start and run the signage player app. 

To use SongShow Signage, you’ll need at least one player account and one content channel account. Content is published to a channel account. Players are then scheduled to play content from any channels you have. You can have multiple players that play content from a single channel or have multiple players each with their own channel, or any combination of those.  

SongShow Signage uses the Slide Show Builder to publish SongShow Plus slide shows as digital signage content to a channel. You also schedule and manage players through the Slide Show Builder interface. 

Visit the signage store to add SongShow Signage features to your account. 

* Updates affecting this feature may be available. Ensure that you are using the most current build of SongShow Plus from the Download page before proceeding. *

With SongShow Signage, you can use slide shows that you have built using the SongShow Plus Slide Builder and publish them to one or more signage channels. Signage channels can then be configured so that content is presented by signage player devices. The player device may connect directly to the HDMI port of a TV or computer display. The device will need internet access which it uses to access the SongShow Signage Service to get its configuration and content. These devices can be placed virtually anywhere within your facility. This digital signage solution lets you place signage in various places without the need to run cables. It also frees up your presentation machine from doing double duty as both primary presentation and signage player.
The signage player or Digital Signage Device (DSD), is intended to run hands-free once installed. There should be no need for user interaction directly with the hardware (DSD) once it is deployed.

With SongShow Signage, you can control where and when content is displayed using the scheduling functions in the Signage Player Configuration management settings found in the Slide Builder Settings tab. The configuration settings can be set to specific days of the week and/or time frames within certain days.  Combinations of configurations can be used to turn on and off content as needed.

Additional SongShow Signage related help and information on known issues can be found by reviewing the self-help resources and training options for SongShow Plus.

Training Videos - A video walk-through of this process may be available.  Depending on your current subscription level, you can go to the GoFishMedia website training page and log in with the same Customer ID and password that you use to log in to the SongShow Plus site or activate SongShow Plus. - Review this article for more details.

If you have any questions regarding the use of, or issues with, any of the SongShow features related to SongShow Signage, please contact the Support Team.


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