SSP Best Practices - Windows System Start Up and Shutdown for SongShow Plus


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus

In addition to the other system settings noted in other articles, we make the following recommendations regarding the Windows system Start Up and Shutdown for SongShow Plus:

  • ALL external displays devices should be connected to the Windows machine being used for SongShow Plus BEFORE SongShow Plus is launched.
  • ALL external displays devices should be properly detected and configured in the Windows Display settings BEFORE SongShow Plus is launched.
    • ALL external display devices intended for use with SongShow Plus should be set to EXTEND the desktop (Extend these displays) in the Windows display settings to ensure availability to SongShow Plus.
  • Avoid shutting down external display devices before SongShow Plus is closed.

 **NOTE** SongShow Plus has no control over what Windows does with connected displays and is not directly linked to the Windows display settings - it gets that information on startup. If the Windows detection and assignment of the connected displays changes in any way between the last SongShow Plus session shutdown and the next SongShow Plus session start up, the previously saved SongShow Plus settings may not be accurate.  SongShow Plus may try to use the available Windows displays, but it is only guessing at that point how the displays were connected the last time.    

The normal start-up process should be:

  • Power on all connected devices >> Power on Windows machine >> Verify detection and Windows settings >> Launch SongShow Plus >> Verify projection output.

Shutdown would be in the reverse order:

  • Close SongShow Plus >> Power off Windows machine >> Power off all connected devices

NOTE: Some organizations will leave the PC running rather than turning all devices off. If this is the case it is important to ensure that Windows detects all the devices when turned back on in the same order, BEFORE starting SongShow Plus, otherwise SongShow Plus will be given new display assignments, breaking the previous configuration settings.

Following these guidelines for your SongShow Plus system should contribute to trouble-free use. 

If this article does not resolve the issue, contact the Support Team.


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