PowerPoint Files are not visible in the Inspector Panel


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to SongShow Plus 9.x and Later

UPDATE: Before proceeding, review the updates to Microsoft PowerPoint use in SongShow Plus found here.

Sometimes a PowerPoint file is not available in the inspector panel but does work as expected from the program panel.  The following message is displayed in the Inspector Panel:  "Unable to preview slide show."

Possible Cause: 
The specific root cause is unknown at this time but it seems to be related to the previous presentation of one or more other PowerPoint files along with the file in question. 

Possible Solution:
To restore the preview of the PowerPoint files in the Inspector Panel, a restart of SongShow Plus is required.  This issue does not affect the normal presentation or control of PowerPoint files from the Program Panel.

If this article does not resolve the issue, contact the Support Team.


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