Media Control Panel video preview flickers

When using the Media Control panel and displaying a video, there may be flickering in the video preview in the Media Control panel in some cases.  This does not occur every time nor is it at the same rate.  This may range from minor (a few flickers) to profound flickering.  This flickering as described ONLY happens in the video preview in the Media Control panel and is not present in the projected output.

Possible Cause:
The root cause is unknown at this time.  This issue is most noticeable in the May 2012 Edition.  This is know behavior and is present in previous edition but the video preview was much smaller and not scalable so it was much less noticeable.

Possible Solution:
There is no work around or solution at this time.  It is important to note that this ONLY occurs in the video preview and is not present in the projected output.  Granted this can be an annoyance but since this does not happen in the projected output it would not prevent using SongShow Plus.  This will be investigated.  
If you see flickering in the presented output, it is not the same issue nor expected behavior and should be reported to the Support Team.



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