Missing close and other icons from SSP windows -

When launching SongShow Plus there are no Minimize, Maximize or Close icons in the upper right corner. Additional pop ups may occur during launch as well.  This can also affect other areas like the Slide Properties and Create Song windows.

Possible Cause: 
Either manually or systemically, SongShow Plus has been set to run in a Compatibility Mode.  This is not necessary and can cause bad behavior.

Possible Solution: 
Windows 10 - From the Start menu, select the SongShow Plus group and right click on SongShow Plus.  From there, select More > Open file location.  In this window right click the shortcut and select Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and deselect all settings that may be checked in this area.  None should be required to run SongShow Plus.

NOTE: A similar path can be followed for other operating systems to turn off the Compatibility Mode.  This can also be done from a desktop shortcut if you have created one already.



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