Getting a “Duplicates not allowed” error when attempting to merge slideshows


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus 8 and later.

When trying to merge slideshows in Slide Show Builder the user is getting a “Duplicates not allowed” error.

Probable Cause:
This usually occurs after repeated merging of the same slideshow with others.  This is causing a rapid duplication of themes that exist in the slideshow and a limit is reached causing the error.  In most cases, these "extra" themes are either blank themes or duplicates of existing themes.

Possible Solution: 
There are a couple of ways to approach this.  The user can either go into the themes of the original content and clean up the extra themes before merging however this may still bring in duplicate or blank themes - just not as many.

The better approach is to not bring in unnecessary themes in the first place. When merging slides select "Use Current..." rather than the default "Merge properties..." to avoid the "stacking" of the themes.  In most cases when merging, users really only want the slides, not the themes from another slideshow.

NOTE: If you are using the themes in the original you don't need to bring them in again - simply right-click the new slides and select Theme to choose and apply the desired theme.  By default, Theme 1 will be applied to all new slides but you can change the applied theme after import.



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