PTG - Package To Go - assertion fail in Slide Builder with converted PPT


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all SongShow Plus 9.x and later versions.

When attempting to create a Package to Go of a slideshow that was converted from a PPT file from within Slide Builder, an error occurs - backup.exe - an error occurred.

Possible Cause: 
If the slideshow file name contains certain punctuation such as a comma, it may fail during the PTG process.

Possible Solution: 
If this occurs, rename the converted slide show eliminating any punctuation from the filename, then retry the PTG process.

Possible Cause: 
It appears that something in the conversion process from the source PPT file is causing an unsupported state.

Possible Solution: 
If this occurs, re-convert the PPT in the SongShow Plus PPT Importer covert process, selecting different settings for the import.

Possible Solution: 
If this occurs, try adding the slideshow in question to a Program and them using the PTG process  from within SongShow Plus - this may work as an alternate PTG method.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact the Support Team.


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