SongSelect Online - SongSelect account error - Authorization failed


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus 9.3 and later using SongSelect Online

  * Updates correcting this issue may be available. Ensure that you are using the most current build of SongShow Plus from the Download page before proceeding. * 

When attempting to complete authentication for SongSelect Online within SongShow Plus the user receives an error in the authorization process that Authorization Failed.  It is possible that it was initially indicated that Authorization was successful and then switched to Failed during the save process.  (1209)

Possible Cause:
It is possible that the user's SongSelect credentials have changed or expired. 

Possible Solution:
Update/Verify your SongSelect account by signing in to the SongSelect website separately.  Make sure you sign back out before proceeding to SongShow Plus.

Possible Cause:
It is possible that the SongSelect credentials information changed before/while saving. 

Possible Solution:
It is possible that a very quick save of the credentials may work around this Authentication Failed error:

  1. Start the account add/update normally, selecting the SongSelect account and going to the website.
  2. BEFORE signing in to CCLI, make the webpage NOT full screen and adjust the size so that you can still see the SSP SongSelect Authorization dialog.
  3. From the CCLI webpage, complete the credentials entry and click sign in.
  4. Immediately after this return to the SSP SongSelect Authorization dialog and click the Save button as soon as it becomes available.
  5. If the save is successful, proceed to a test song import to confirm it works as expected.  If it does not save, a second attempt may be necessary.

Possible Cause:
It is possible that the browser has retained an old or expired token for the user's SongSelect credentials. This may be confusing the SongShow Plus authentication process.

Possible Solution:
Clear the browser cache and cookies to eliminate any old tokens:

  • Initiate the SongSelect authentication/re-authentication normally from the SSP account page.
  • When you get to the step where it shows the browser message "You have signed in and granted access..."  STOP.
  • From that browser window:
    • If there are other SongSelect tabs open sign out then close those tabs. 
    • Close all other open tabs except the "You have signed in and granted access..." tab.
    • Select the browser Settings page.
    • Locate the Cookies and site permission section.
    • Clear all cookies and site data.
  • After this is completed, close the browser and SSP.
  • Relaunch SSP and complete the authentication normally.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact the support team for assistance.


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