Setting up and using the SongShow Mobile Control App


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus using the SongShow Mobile Control App.

The SongShow Mobile Control App is designed to make use of your device to remotely control many aspects of SongShow Plus.  In order to use this feature you need to have your SongShow Plus system (the Host) setup and have it on the same network as your mobile device (the Client).  

In order for this to work the minimum requirements are:

  • Desktop installation of SongShow Plus dated March 1, 2018 or later
  • A Professional version or higher
  • An active and current subscription
  • The Hosts and Clients are present on the same network
  • A supported Android, iOS or Windows 10 device

The SongShow Mobile Control App will detect all SongShow Plus systems with Mobile Control enabled on your local network making the connection process much easier.

The Host system and your device (the Client) must have access to the same network.  In most cases this is accomplished using a wired network with a wireless access point connected to it to provide network access for your wireless devices.  The Host system does not have to have a wireless connection.  Using a wired network connection for the Host system will likely reduce latency and improve response times when controls are invoked.
Response times may vary depending on the speed of your wireless network and firewall settings. 

NOTE: Ad-Hoc or Point to Point wireless connections directly to a Host system have not been tested and are not recommended. 

Setup for your Host System

The Host system must have an unlocked, Professional version or higher of SongShow Plus installed and a current and active subscription. 

Setup of the Mobile Control on the Host will require administrative access to launch the settings panel.

  1. Launch SongShow Plus.
  2. From the main tool bar select Settings > Mobile Control... to open the settings panel.
  3. Confirm the SongShow Plus Mobile Control Settings panel is open.
  4. Ensure that the Enabled setting has the Yes radio button selected.
  5. If desired, additional security can be added by selecting the Yes radio button on the Authorization Required setting.  This will require the app user to enter the username and password of the Host system to allow control.
  6. Click Save to save and close the Mobile Control configuration panel.
  7. Close and re-launch SongShow Plus.  SongShow Plus must be running to be accessible via Mobile Control.

NOTE: If your Host system or network has a Firewall enabled you may need to allow SongShow Plus access for proper operation.  You should be prompted to allow access the first time you enable the feature but if you disallow or cancel when prompted by your firewall, you may not be prompted again.  You can verify access by opening your firewall settings and making sure SSP is allowed inbound and outbound communication through the firewall.  Refer to KB MC010 for additional details.

Setup for your device
Setup for your device is pretty simple.  The most important thing is to make sure your mobile device has wireless access to the same network that the Host system is connected to.
The SongShow Mobile control feature allows multiple devices to connect at once allowing multiple users to control different aspects of SongShow Plus at the same time from different devices.

Install the SongShow Mobile Control App from the App Store on your device.
Once you have the app installed, launch the app.  Any SongShow Plus host systems that are on the same network as your device and have SongShow Plus running should be detected and listed in the main page of the app.  If this is not the case, confirm you have the minimum requirements above met and review relevant KB article.  You can also contact the support team for assistance.

Using the SongShow Mobile Control App

The SongShow Mobile Control app can control one or more active displays (currently the max is 4) on a given host machine and can be controlled by one or more operators.  Listed below are the controls available with a short description.  Note: The "Use host name/IP to connect" option can be disregarded unless expressly advised by Support. It is primarily for testing and troubleshooting and is not used for normal operation.

  • Machine Selection - All machines running SongShow Plus will appear here for selection.
  • Display Selection - Select a display on the Host system.
  • Remote Control - Has an array of controls for moving forward and back, pause, play, rewind and Mute/Clear functions for SongShow Plus.
  • Current Program - Direct access to the program currently running in the selected Display.  There is also an option to enable the Remote Control Buttons here as well.  NOTE: large programs may take some time to load.  If load times are too long, the Show Preview option can be disabled to speed up load times.
  • Stage Monitor - This passive selection will allow the user to use their device as a mobile stage monitor.  Only text is supported on the Stage Monitor.  Non-text objects will have the slide/object text label displayed.

The operation of the app is pretty straight forward - simply tap to select the control/function desired.

If there are additional questions or if you encounter issues, please contact the support team.



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