Mobile Control

The mobile control app has been reworked for SongShow Plus 9.2 and is now implemented as a Progressive Web App. This app uses the latest web design technology so a current browser is needed to use the app.

Sign in to view the machines that you can remote control.

Enable Remote Control

To remote control a SongShow Plus machine, you will need to enable the feature. To do this, from within SongShow Plus, select the Settings > Mobile Control menu command. This will open the Mobile Control Settings window. To enable the feature, select Yes under the Enabled setting. By default, SongShow Plus will use port 55000 which is probably not being used by anything else on your machine. Use the default port number unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. Note: After enabling Mobile Control, SongShow Plus will need to be restarted.

Registered Machines

The recommended way to access a SongShow Plus machine is to register it. Registering a machine provides both convenience and security. You register a machine through the Mobile Control Settings window described above. After a machine is registered, you can then access it from this app by signing in with your user or organization credentials.

If you sign in using a user name (rather than an organization ID), your user account will need to have permission to remote control the machine. This permission is set using the SongShow Plus website Account page by someone with an account coordinator role. On this page, user roles are set in the Users section toward the bottom of the page.

Unregistered Machines

You can remote control a SongShow Plus machine even if it is not registered, so long as its Mobile Control feature has been enabled and the machine is accessible through the same network your device is using. To access a SongShow Plus machine anonymously, in the Mobile Control Settings window, set the All Anonymous Access setting to Yes. You can also specify an optional access token for the machine for increased security. When an access token is specified, a user will need to enter the access token when accessing the projection machine anonymously.

To access the projection machine from a mobile device, open a browser and enter the local address for the machine along with the port number. The address for the projection machine is displayed in the Mobile Control settings window. If an access token is required, you'll need to enter the token on the Connection page by editing the entry for the projection machine.

Why Not HTTPS?

You may have noticed that address bar in the browser indicates that this site is "Not secure". The reason you see this notice is that the Mobile App is using HTTP rather than HTTPS. The reason that this app is using HTTP is because it communicates directly with SongShow Plus machines on a Local or Wide Area Network. It's not possible (or more accurately, mostly impractical and unnecessary) to set these machines up with the secure certificates needed to run them as HTTPS servers. However, browsers prevent websites from accessing "insecure" resources from within a secure site. Because of this, when this app is used from within an HTTPS context, it is unable to access SongShow Plus machines on the local network. This is a design that has been implemented by most browsers for some time. There should be little concern on your part, but if you prefer to run the app and your machines through secure contexts, contact support to discuss options.

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