Data DVD vs Movie DVD*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

There are two types of DVD's that people use in their computers and this causes a lot of confusion for people trying to use DVD support within SongShow Plus.

The first type of disks are movie DVD's.  These disks are usually purchased commercially and contain a copy protected movie.  You generally won't be able to copy the contents onto your hard drive without special software.  This type of disk is what the DVD support within SongShow Plus is designed for. 

The other type of DVD is simply a DVD disk that contains data on it.  You may burn these yourself at home and include any type of file you want, including movies or videos.  These are like CD's that you burn at home, only with much more storage capacity.  The DVD support within SongShow Plus is not required for this type of disk.  Instead, simply open the DVD in My Computer and copy the files from the disk onto your hard drive and access them normally from SongShow Plus. 

If you burn a movie DVD at home, this would be treated as a commercial DVD and would require the use of the DVD support within SongShow Plus.  Refer to articles SW020 and SW027 for additional details.


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