SSP Best Practices - Save your Global Display Properties

(SSP087) SongShow Plus is very flexible in how it displays content and everyone has their own idea of the best display configuration for their presentation. 
The primary way to set this up is through the use of the Global Display Property settings.  There are several presets already included for your use but the real power here is saving you own presets.

We recommend saving one or more personal preset(s) once you get your Global Display Properties settings the way you want.  This is easy to do from the top of the Global Display Property settings window by following these simple instructions:

1.  Open the Global Display Property settings from the main tool bar: Display > Edit Display Properties...
2.  Set the Global Display Property settings to give the desired look.
3.  Click on the Presets button at the top of the Global Display Property settings window.
4.  At the bottom of the Presets menu select Save/Delete Preset...
5.  Enter a name that make sense to you in the Preset Name field and click Save.
6.  Repeat steps 1-5 for any other important groups of settings you want to have easy access to.

By doing these few simple steps it can save you a lot a time later if someone inadvertently changes your settings and also in case some other action changes the current display settings.

8/1/2011 3:49:58 PM
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