SongShow Plus hangs on the splash screen during startup

(TS137) Symptom:
During the startup process, SongShow Plus hangs on the splash screen and appears to be doing nothing.  This may be for a short period and causing a delay or it may be a prolonged period with SSP showing not responding in the Task Manager.

Possible Cause:
The Worship Software plug-in is installed and in use.

Possible Solution:
If there are songs in the Worship Software database that you want to use they should be imported into the SSP database.  Un-installing the Worship Software plug-in using the SSP utilities > Plug-ins tool will prevent the hang on startup.  This plug-in has been deprecated since 2008.
NOTE: The Worship Software does not have to be removed from the system - only the SSP plug-in.

Possible Cause:
There is a faulty DisplayLink USB device driver installed on the system.  We have encountered a variety of USB devices such as USB to VGA, USB to HDMI and USB docks/port replicators that have device drivers from DisplayLink.  A recent driver update for these devices caused SongShow Plus to hang up on the splash screen.  This could be caused by a Windows Update or a manual update of this driver.

Possible Solution:
Update the DisplayLink Driver.

To first confirm if this may be the issue, you will need to look at the driver information for your USB device.  You can do this from Device Manager.  
  1. Open Device Manager and look under the USB devices for the suspect device.
  2. Once you find the device, right-click on it and select Properties.
  3. Select the Driver tab and click on the Driver Details button.
  4. From here look at the Provider information for DisplayLink to confirm.
If you confirm that a DisplayLink driver supports your device, simply unplugging the device will not resolve the issue as the device driver may still load.  DisplayLink did update the driver so the solution is to go to the DisplayLink website and update the driver on your system.  The Windows update and the built-in driver checks will not find the driver on the DisplayLink site.
You will need the driver package version 6.3 or later. 

If you are unsure about how to do this, consult your IT professional or device manufacturer.

Possible Work-Around:
If it is unclear what the cause of this may be, try the following to determine if it is Graphics/DirectX related:

1.  Launch the SongShow Plus Utilities Panel from the Start menu (Start > Programs > SongShow Plus > Utilities
2.  Select the Display Settings option. 
3.  Once it is open, select the graphics tab and uncheck the “Enable full graphics…” box. 
4.  Save and close.
5.  Restart SSP

Even if this does allow SongShow Plus to open, contact support if the other Possible Solutions above to not completely resolve the issue. 

Possible Cause:
If you have more than one version of SongShow Plus installed, you will get a pop up notification regarding the other version of SongShow Plus.  In some cases, this pop up may be behind the splash screen and SSP will appear to be hung up.  This can be caused by launching SSP 7 from the Windows Task bar.  This can also be caused during the automatic restart after changing display properties.

Possible Solution:
Launch SongShow Plus 7 from a desktop icon or the Start > Programs menu selections.
NOTE: You can close the splash screen using CTRL-F4

Possible Cause:
In SongShow Plus 8 it is possible that system peripherals that are used for audio or video control are not detected correctly during the startup of SongShow Plus 8.  This was specifically observed when a customer was using a digital audio mixer that was attached via USB to allow control of all audio.  SSP 8 failed to start when this device was powered off. 

Possible Solution:
Make sure any peripheral devices installed on the system are turned on before starting SongShow Plus 8.

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