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SongShow Plus10/31/2017153 MB

To install SongShow Plus, run the setup program after it is downloaded. To uninstall SongShow Plus, go to the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features. Find and select SongShow Plus in the list, then click the Uninstall button at the top of the window.

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Mobile Apps

SongShow Plus Presenter - Provides the capability to remote control a SongShow Plus projection machine. The features include controlling the current program, looking up and presenting songs spontaneously, background improv, color improv, stage monitor, and access to all media items of your SongShow Plus machine.

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SongShow Drive - Provides the capability to access the SongShow Drive service from your mobile device or tablet. This app lets you upload files from your device to your SongShow Drive storage and also download files to your device. A current SongShow Drive subscription is necessary to use the app. Only available on Android at this time.

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