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7/14/2023 11:37:40 AM

Most of our images in the images directory do not show up in the emedia files window. We have our SSP data files in d:\sspdata. And yes, I have that set correctly in Media Files Location

If I bring up a program that has image objects, those show up. But the source directory in the images tab of the media control panel show as empty.

Similiar issues with Slide Show Builder. If I try to insert an image from "Image Files", many directories are empty. If I scroll down and select D: drive, and navigate to d:\sspdata

All images are jpg. 99% anyway. I haven't been able to track down why some show up and others don't. Seems to be newer ones that don't show up.

All videos, songs, etc seem to show up.

Anyone else see this oddity? I've got to get producing, so I guess I'm back to 9.2 for now and hope for no new songs.

I have installed the July 6, 2023 update. 

7/14/2023 12:21:23 PM

Just so you know, the ticketing system is still communicating that if I need help, I need to upgrade to silver.

"The Bronze Subscription does include activation assistance and software updates as well as access to self-help resources including articles and some video content.  

Support Types available for Bronze Subscriptions:
  • Activation assistance is provided via email only.
  • "How-to" assistance is provided via self-help resources only.
  • Bug Reporting assistance is provided via email only. User may or may not be contacted regarding details or resolution."

So they indicate that they MAY provide email bug support. But that is certainly not the overall tone of the email.

7/15/2023 2:37:09 PM

I just checked and we have just over 6400 images (jpg, png, gif) in our images directory and sub-directories.

Upon further review, I have images up to a certain directory, and images after that don't show up.


Aaaaand now they are showing up. Is it possible that it's taking that long to populate the directories after a certian point? I've been doing refresh file list and refresh folder list and it wasn't helping.

However, instead of a title, there seems to be some description. I would guess it's some metadata from the stock photo I used to create the graphics?

George Taylor
7/17/2023 12:35:55 PM

There is a new indexer in 9.3 and on first startup it may take a bit for everything to get indexed, especially if you have a lot if media and directories.

That said, it is possible that there is an issue as well.  I recommend that you start SSP and allow it several minutes to complete the indexing process before exploring the folders.  If after that items appear to be missing or incorrectly labeled, please open a support ticket.

George Taylor
7/17/2023 12:51:42 PM
This support request has been forwarded to the support team.

7/21/2023 4:00:18 PM

We had a similar problem several years ago. It turns out we ran in to a limit on the number of images. I separated all the older images in to an archive directory structure NOT in the SSP search path, and all was fine after that.

9/25/2023 12:02:17 PM

"However, instead of a title, there seems to be some description. I would guess it's some metadata from the stock photo I used to create the graphics?"

FYI, in a recent update, the filename is now also included even if there is a metadata title associated with the file.

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