Version 9.3 > Expanding the usefulness of the confidence screen


Steve Woodson
9/3/2023 11:05:16 AM
9.3 working great, but I have two questions. First, any chance you can expand the rear confidence screen to also show the upcoming verse and scriptures?  Second, when I upgraded to 9.3 I had to re-set up all the streaming parameters despite previously saving the data in a file. Will future versions let all the settings carry over?

George Taylor
9/5/2023 10:29:23 AM

There are many ways to utilize the output options for SSP.  Review this article -

RE: the "streaming parameters " - Not sure exactly what you are referring to.  If you mean the Display Settings, then yes those should be preserved.  If you are referring to some 3rd party streaming software - we have nothing to do with that...

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