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7/20/2018 12:46:13 PM
The update to the preview release of SongShow Plus version 8.5 dated 07/18/2018 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription and be logged in to the SongShow Plus site to get this download. 

This is a Preview release, which means that it isn't at "test" status yet. The purpose of the release is to let you have a look at the new features and offer feedback. It's not necessary to report every little problem you find. We are still working through bugs and defects. However, if you are having a significant problem using a feature, go ahead and post a question about it on this forum. If you have a question or comment, please start a new thread. 

NOTE: SongShow Plus version 8.5 is nearing feature lock so if you have not looked at it yet please do so now and provide any feedback.

New Features in 8.5
  • There are no new features in the build but many bug fixes to the new features and SSP in general.
Check it out TODAY!

Included in this release: 
SongShow Plus
  • Bug Fixes
Included in the previous releases: 
Slide Show Artisan
  • Preview build of the Slide Show Artisan slide show builder.
    • Artisan is a more flexible way to create and manage slide shows.
    • Stand-alone versions available - no SSP install required.
    • More details on this will be shared via the BLOG postings - stay tuned.
  • Implemented Auto-Pan/Zoom (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added 2nd caption option for photo slides (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added option to make an image file also act as an enlarged/blurred backdrop (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added settings option for fonts: Windows & Mac, Default Windows 10, or all installed (Windows) (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added text slide builder (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added title slide builder (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added quotation slide builder (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Added custom theme options for all slide types (Slide Show Artisan).
  • Implemented background image support.
  • Added layout preset selection to Slide Show Artisan.
  • Other general improvements and bug fixes to Slide Show Artisan.

New Image Rotation
  • Image rotation support at the image-load level of slide rendering.
  • New process improves render results when rotating.
  • More details on this will be shared via the BLOG postings - stay tuned.
SongShow Plus

  • *NEW* PowerPoint Tools
    • PowerPoint Step By Step Import
      • Added capability to specify one image per step.  This gives the user additional control over the slide show after conversion to SSB.
      • Selected transitions are applied per slide.  The steps are a fade transition.
    • PowerPoint Video Import
      • This completely new tool allows the user to import a PowerPoint slide show as a WMV video.
      • Simplify playback of auto-run PowerPoint files (announcements/countdowns) by converting them to video.
      • Additional setting to allow for conversion of manually advanced slide shows as well.
  • Preview Display
    • Added capability to specify a Preview Display output that can be sent to a separate monitor, partial monitor, or embedded in the Presenter Window.
    • This is an exciting and flexible new display implementation and is configured similar to the Stage display (Source/Target).
    • This can be simply embedded so just the operator can see what is next or as a separate display.
    • Creative use of the display settings can make this a "lower third" preview on the Stage Display.
  • The Stage Display now uses the blank slide properties assigned to it when a blank slide is presented. This is also true for the new Preview Display.
  • Added capability to specify the file naming templates for new programs, slide shows, and imported media.
    • This includes both custom text as well as selectable time/date stamp configurations.
    • Imported media naming only applies to new content.
  • Text underline has been improved so that the line is now thicker.
  • Updated SSL support to Fix broken access to Online Services such as SongSelect, ShiftWorship, and Google Drive.
  • Added subthemes in Slide Builder for slide shows.
  • Fixed SongShow Mobile Control detection
  • Added Indent controls in Slide Builder for text objects
  • Other Bug Fixes

Additional features will be announced and released at a future date. 

Thank You for your interest in SongShow Plus

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