Version 9.0 > SongShow Plus 9.0 - Production Release 02/18/2020


2/19/2020 2:41:25 PM
This Production release of SongShow Plus version 9.0 dated 02/18/2020 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription as of July 2019 to activate SongShow Plus 9.0. 

Included in this release: 
SongShow Plus
  • Improved support for video formats
    • Support for higher bitrate videos
    • Support for higher resolution (4K) videos
    • Native support for H.264 (no additional plug-in required)
      Note: These new features are presently only available for Windows 10. 
      The use of Windows 7 is now discouraged due to the fact that Microsoft no longer supports that version of Windows.
  • Improved slide show merging: Now avoids making duplicate slide properties.
  • Support for scanner devices re-implemented.
  • Can now rotate and crop while importing an image from a scanner.
  • Rotation support for images in programs.
  • Crop and rotate functions now together in slide builder for images.
  • NEW UI theme options for the presentation control window - Dark and Light themes available.
Note: The following features have been removed:
  • Support for third-party song database sources such as the Windows version of SongSelect (long dropped by CCLI), etc.
  • All legacy plug-in support has been removed including support for Online Bible.
  • 8.3 Mobile Control App support. (8.4/8.5 Mobile Control apps are still supported.)
  • Google Drive has been removed as a supported Online Services option.

Additional features may be announced and released at a future date.

Changes included in this release: 
  • UHD resolution support adjustments
  • Shift Worship log in correction
  • Several Activation related issues corrected
  • Web Page issues corrected
  • Signage issues resolved
  • AV False-Positive issue resolved
  • Sync/Consolidation bug fixes
  • Theme error correction
  • Documentation - Updated User Guide
  • Package-To-Go - bug fixes
  • Embedded file error correction
  • IE window errors corrected
  • Song importation error fixes
  • Other bug fixes

Thanks again for choosing SongShow Plus

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