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3/6/2006 3:39:41 PM
Is there an easy way to transfer global-program-item properties from the projection computer to the workstation computer so things are consistant?

3/6/2006 3:45:27 PM
Save the settings as a preset in the settings control panel. Then run backup and include the settings. Then you can recover the backup on your workstation and apply the preset.

That's the way it should work I've never tried it, myself.

3/6/2006 7:02:22 PM
Backup everything or just the display properties?  The backup feature has never worked for us. 

3/7/2006 5:07:38 AM
In his case, back up anything he wants to transfer to the workstation.

What doesnt' work? The backup uses the same code as package to go, which I thought you've said that you use.

The only problem I have with it is that, if you try to back up something that you don't have any of (like video devices), then it stops and tells you and you have to click ok to have it start up again.

We've used it anytime we've needed to reload the projection computer or replaces the projection computer and it's worked fine.

3/7/2006 6:00:22 AM
I use package to go all the time.  Whenever we use backup it'll go through everything and then eventually it gives me an error message and says it was unable to create the backup.  Somebody once mentioned something about the way songs were formatted or something like that, but I don't have time to go through each song.  So, whenever I've had to back everything up I just copy the folders. 

3/7/2006 6:04:35 AM


Have started another thread "backup / restore"


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