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6/27/2016 3:23:42 PM
The first TEST release of SongShow Plus version 8.3 dated 06/24/2016 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription and be logged in to the SongShow Plus site to get this download. 

This is a Test release, which means that it isn't at "Production" status yet but we are getting close. This release is feature complete and has gone through regression testing, however this may not catch every scenario. The purpose of the release is to let you look at the new features, prepare for the transition to this build and offer feedback.
We are still working through some bugs and defects but if you encounter any problems using a feature - new or existing - please post a question about it on this forum right away. If you have a bug, question or comment, please start a new thread so they can be tracked individually. 

New features of Version 8.3 are: 
  • SongShow Synchronization Service - The SongShow Sync service provides a way for you to synchronize media files, songs, programs and slideshows between one or more machines. The machines can be located anywhere that is accessible via the Internet.
  • Slide Scheduling - It is now possible to set slide show slide visibility based on a date range and/or day of the week.  This  feature will be useful for those that have complex announcement slide shows.
    NOTE: This is not yet implemented for SongShow Signage use.

  • Song Database Importer - This tool will allow the user to import one or more song files from database to another for supported databases.  This will be a time saver when setting up the songs for use with Synchronization. 
Updates in this build of Version 8.3 are: 
  • Amplified Bible scripture text available for purchase
  • Additional synchronization service enhancements. 
  • Other bug fixes.

Look for additional details on these features to follow in the blog.

Thank You for your interest in SongShow Plus

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