Version 9.2 > SongShow Plus 9.2 - Production Release 01/07/2022


George Taylor
2/2/2022 2:22:20 PM

This is a Production version of SongShow Plus 9.2.

The Production release of SongShow Plus version 9.2 dated 01/07/2022 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription as of July 2021 and be logged in to the SongShow Plus site to get this download. 

This is a Production release, which means that any additional changes or updates in SongShow Plus will be implemented in version 9.2 going forward.  

If you find any bugs or defects, please contact the support team through the Support Page.

If you have a question or comment, please start a new thread. 

Installation and Activation: 
As in the past, the Production version of SongShow Plus 9.2 will not overwrite any prior version installation but rather install as a separate application.  This will allow you to test/review 9.2 on the same machine you currently use and easily compare versions. To activate 9.2, simply follow the normal process. As long as your account was current as of July 2021 then it should have 9.2 licenses available. 

NEW in this release:

SongShow Plus

  • User Guide Updates
  • Bug fixes

Included in this release: 
SongShow Plus

NEW PWA-based Mobile Control feature

  • UPDATES - corrected issues with Chromium based browsers.
  • Mobile Control can be used with or without an internet connection.
  • More nimble updates since there is no need to build and deploy stand alone mobile apps.

Enhanced scripture program item selection and editing.

  • New customized Arrange Verses in main panel
  • Allows Add or Merge with existing program scripture items
  • Improved consistency in application of properties.

Tools and Controls Updates

  • Internet Image search and importer added.
  • Capability to name Presenter Window layouts.
  • Increased the Presenter Window layout count to five.
  • Arrange-mode for Presenter Window layout.
  • You can now select which Output Windows are included in the Monitor Panel.
  • Web features now use the new Chromium Edge browser components rather than the older Internet Explorer components.
  • Mobile Control has been converted to a Progressive Web App technology.
  • Improved the import UI for Shift Worship media content - Search, view and download improved. 
  • Improved the import UI for SongSelect songs - Multiple song selection now available. 
  • New account management console
  • User Guide Updates
  • Bug Fixes

Thanks again for choosing SongShow Plus

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