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8/1/2017 9:31:33 AM
The PRODUCTION release of SongShow Plus version 8.4 dated 07/29/2017 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription and be logged in to the SongShow Plus site to get this download. 

If you have any issues with this production release, please contact the support team for assistance.  You can also discuss issues in this forum but this may delay assistance.

New features of Version 8.4 are:

NEW - SongShow Drive
  • Collaborate Better - New integrated cloud storage solution in SongShow Plus allows file sharing between two or more machines.
  • User Friendly App allows for local and cloud file browsing and sharing in one place.
  • App allows for file management on both local and cloud
    • Add, Delete, Move, Upload and Download content.
NEW - Audio Chains
  • Extend Audio Use - New feature allows user to create a chain of audio files.
  • These audio chains can be applied the same way as individual audio files.
  • This can be found in the Audio Tracks menus:
    • Creator
    • Package Restore
    • Also in the Send To... menus
NEW - Online Services Selector
  • Eliminate Menu Clutter - New feature allows user to manage the appearance of the Online Services for 3rd Parties.
  • Change settings to only showing the services that you use.
  • Under Settings > Online Services...
NEW - WMV Video Playback Improvements 
  • Improved Playback - Update to address a recurring WMV video playback issue with corrupt videos.
  • This correction addresses the issue documented in KB TS223.

NEW - Windows 10/PowerPoint improvements
  • Better PowerPoint Behavior - Changes to address some of the Windows 10 1607 build PowerPoint issues.
  • This correction addresses the issue documented in KB TS285.
    • If you had employed the workaround of disabling high-end graphics to use PowerPoint, this update will allow you to re-enable it.
    • Follow the steps in KB TS292 to re-enable high-end graphics.
  • Improved Windows 10 Support
New - Improved Mobile Control App for Android
  • Take Control of All Displays - This new app will allow the control of all enabled displays rather than just the primary Display.
  • This new app provides three mobile control functions for SongShow Plus: Remote Control, Current Program Control, and Stage Monitor. 
  • You can download the new SongShow Mobile Control app from the Google Play Store at this link or search the Google Play Store for "SongShow Mobile Control" on your device. Android version 4.0 and up are supported.
NEW - Package to Go Enhancements
  • Transport Easier - The addition of the "Send To..." menu option makes Package To Go easier
    • Package Slide Shows right from the SongShow Plus media panel
  • Package options added for individual media
    • Songs
    • Video Chains
Look for additional details on these features to follow in the blog.

Additional Bug fixes and improvements are also included:
  • Corrections to Chromex and Color Search
  • Improvements to ordering of Planning Center Online plans
  • Enhanced startup error messaging
  • Bible Search improvements
  • Other bug fixes

Thank You for your interest in SongShow Plus

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