Feature Preview: Preview Display

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SongShow Plus 8.5 includes a new feature, the Preview Display. The Preview Display is very similar to the Stage Display. To use this feature, you specify a source display and target display. The target display can look exactly like the source or, like the stage display, you can override the slide properties for the display to provide a minimal appearance which may be more useful. When used in conjunction with the stage display, you can now set up a stage scenario where those on the platform can see both the current slide and all (or part) of the next slide. Or, if you like, you can position the preview display in its own physical display device, or you can embed it into the Presenter Window along side the Display Monitor panel. Note that the preview window has the same restrictions as the stage display which affects certain media types like video and PowerPoint presentations.

This new feature combines the capabilities of the previous "cued" and "next" preview panels that were in version 7, but with the additional capabilities to override the slide properties and to place the window in a designated display device. To set up this new feature, use the menu command Settings > Display.


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