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Last year, we started the process of migrating the services on SSPlash to the new SongShow Plus website. 

SSPlash served an important service to us back when it was first published. At the time, we were not in control of the website due to a contract arrangement. For the most part, this was fine, until a couple of incidents caused the loss of the entire SongShow Plus discussion forums. When this happened, we decided to publish our own site to host the SongShow Plus discussion forums along with blogs posts and other customer services. 

Later, we parted ways with the company marketing the product and took control of ourselves. Due to other priorities at the time, it seemed best to keep in place since it was still serving its purpose.

At some point, we hit a technical dilemma. If I recall correctly, upgrading the SSPlash CMS required a new version of IIS, but the new version of IIS would only run on a 64-bit system, and the system SSPlash was on was 32-bit and was not upgradable. This meant there was no straightforward upgrade path for SSPlash. Any attempt at an upgrade required a complete reinstall of all components. Also, most of the people who were involved in setting up that initial site had moved on. Therefore, it stayed locked in a mid-2000s technology for, well, too long.

The site, itself, was getting along in technical years, so last year we undertook a rebuild of the site from the ground up. This provided the first good opportunity to finally migrate the SSPlash services away from the old technology. 

The Knowledge Base articles were the first to be imported into the new site along with a new support request mechanism and online store. The next big task was implementing a new forum service. Some good news is that we were able to migrate practically all the forums and posts from the old SSPlash site as well as all the user accounts. This makes using the new forums seamless and avoids the need for users to create yet another user account.

More features will be added to the site to complement the use of SongShow Plus itself, including some form of the Wish List. Next up, however, is implementing web support for use of the SongShow Drive service.


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