Feature Review: CCLI Auto-reporting

8/22/2023  < Previous  Next >

Earlier this year, CCLI released updates to its backend SongSelect API service used by SongShow Plus to provide search and download capabilities to users. SongShow Plus 9.3 was coded to work with these changes, however CCLI turned off the older API and, as a result, earlier versions of SongShow Plus no longer work with the SongSelect service. 

One nice feature provided by CCLI through the new API is the auto-reporting capability. When this feature is enabled in SongShow Plus, it will automatically notify CCLI when you present a song during a worship service. You will no longer need to keep track of this yourself nor manually enter this data for CCLI reports. 

To help make this process even more automated, and to help prevent inadvertent reporting, you can now also schedule when auto-reporting should take place by specifying your services times of the week. In this way, auto-reporting will be automatically turned on during your worship services and turned off the rest of the week. 

Auto-reporting is disabled by default. You can turn it on and schedule your services by using the menu command Activity > Activity Tracking Settings

The new auto-reporting service provided by CCLI and in conjunction with SongShow Plus will make your CCLI reporting process more easily completed.  


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