Feature Review: Computer Vision Indexing

8/21/2023  < Previous

A new feature available with SongShow Plus 9.3 is the capability to index your images using Computer Vision. When enabled (itโ€™s disabled by default), each image file will be analyzed of its contents using A.I. and then indexed based on keywords that describe the image.  

As an example the following image is an example from Shift Worship:

The name of the image is called Purple Mountains. The image does not contain any keyword metadata so using the previous indexing mechanism in 9.2 and earlier, the image would have been found only by its file name. With the new Computer Vision capability, however, this image can now be found by the following keywords that were generated through A.I. analysis: landscape, outdoor, nature, water, mountain, cloud, sky, water resources, body of water, mountain river, fluvial landforms of streams, lake, watercourse, natural landscape, river, bank, stream, highland, wilderness, and valley. Using the Computer Vision feature will help you more easily find the images you're looking for, especially if you have a large collection of images.

The index process makes use of the Microsoft Computer Vision service and does involve sending a temporary copy of the image to a remote server for processing. Some users may prefer to not have images sent in this manner and/or use their bandwidth in that way, which is why it is disabled by default. 

The capability can be enabled by going to the index settings, Settings > Computer Vision Indexing, and does requires a Silver Level subscription. 



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