How do I activate SongShow Plus version 9 for non-evaluation use?


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all SongShow Plus 9.x versions.

Thank You for using SongShow Plus!

From time to time you may need to manage the SongShow Plus licenses that you have. 

NOTE: Activation and license Managment requires an active internet connection.  If you do not have this, contact the Support Team for Offline activation.

There are 5 operations available to users for SongShow Plus license management:

  • Activate License 
  • Deactivate License 
  • Switch License 
  • Convert to Projection  
  • Recover License 

If you are not sure this is the correct operation, refer to FAQ55 for additional information.

You will need the following to successfully activate SongShow Plus:

  • Your organization's Customer Account ID and password (to find/acquire the license).  If you need help finding this, refer to FAQ010.
  • Local system administrator rights (to apply the license) for the machine you are activating.

To activate SongShow Plus 9.x for non-evaluation use (Projection or Workstation) do the following:

  1. Once SongShow Plus is installed a desktop shortcut will appear - click that link to launch SongShow Plus.
  2. A message indicating activation is needed should be presented. Click OK to proceed.
  3. Select the option to activate as projection or workstation and click Next.
  4. Confirm that you have a SongShow Plus license by selecting Yes and clicking Next.
  5. Enter your organization's Customer Account ID and password and click Next.
  6. Select the type of license (Projection or Workstation) to be used on this machine and click Next.  
    1. If only one license is available of the type selected, the activation process will automatically select it and proceed.
    2. If more than one license is available, select the desired license from the list and click Next.
    3. If the license you want to use is not shown, choose the "Re-use and existing license" option and select the desired license from the list and click Next.
      NOTE: If there are no licenses available, the user may purchase (projection - FAQ053) or create (workstation - FAQ051) one through a separate process. Please refer to the designated articles for more information. 
  7. Click Next to proceed with the activation process.  NOTE: Elevation may be required during this process. Enter Admin level credentials and proceed.
  8. Once completed, click Continue. SongShow Plus will automatically restart.

Congratulations, SongShow Plus is now activated.

 Training Videos - There are video walk-throughs of this process available.  Locate the videos on the training page:

  • Activating SSP > Online Activation Process – Projection
  • Activating SSP > Online Activation Process – Workstation

Depending on your current subscription level, you can go to the GoFishMedia website training page and log in with the same Customer ID and password that you use to log in to the SongShow Plus site or activate SongShow Plus. Review this article for more details.

If you are unable to complete this successfully, please contact the Support Team.


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