Multiple songs with the same name appear in the Songs Panel


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus 

 * Updates correcting this issue may be available. Ensure that you are using the most current build of SongShow Plus from the Download page before proceeding. *

When viewing the song listings in the SongShow Plus Songs Panel, two or more songs with the same name appear in the listing.  In some cases the songs may appear to be from the same Collection and Source.  See the image below for some examples: 

 Possible Cause:
It is possible that this is expected behavior.  If a user has saved, imported or restored the same song that was either in a different collection or database, it would correctly be listed multiple times in the Songs Panel song list.  This can also be caused during the cloning of a song if Clone and Edit Song is selected and the collection is changed.

Possible Solution:
In order to verify the Collection and Source (databases) that songs are stored in, turn on the Collection and Source display options in the Songs Panel.  To do this select the Songs Panel and from the main tool bar click on Songs > Show to access the selection list. Make sure that both Collection and Source are checked.

Verify which songs are to be kept and edit the name accordingly so the user can readily see the difference and delete and unnecessary duplicates.

Possible Cause:
It is possible that two or more songs may appear to be the same name as well as in the same Collection and Source. This could be caused by extra spaces at the end of the song name.  Spaces are valid characters in the song name and can be added at the end which may not be immediately apparent to a user.

Possible Solution:
Look closely at the song title or open the song for editing to determine if there are any trailing spaces in the song name.  Edit as needed to resolve the display issue.

Possible Cause:
It was determined that there was an issue with the proper displaying of the designation of no collection assigned or "(none)".  This was shown as "(none)" in the collection display in two different circumstances.

 Possible Solution:
This issue was corrected in the July 2008 Edition.  An update to this version will automatically convert all conflicting songs with no collection assigned to them.  For more details review KB SSP45.

 If this article does not resolve the issue, contact the Support Team.


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