New Features

Version 9.3

  • Accommodated breaking change to the CCLI® SongSelect® service.
  • Added support for the CCLI auto-reporting service.
  • Image color indexing is now included with the standard installation. Chromex installation is no longer needed.
  • Added metadata indexing for Song Show Plus slide show.
  • Added metadata indexing for PowerPoint files.
  • Added metadata indexing for audio and video chains.
  • Added optional indexing using Azure Computer Vision.
  • Added support for High Efficiency Image Files (.HEIF and .HEIC file formats)****
  • Enhanced the Planning Center Online import process.

Version 9.2

  • Windows 11 compatibility.
  • Enhanced scripture program item selection and editing.
  • Internet Image search and importer.
  • Capability to name Presenter Window layouts.
  • Increased the Presenter Window layout count to five.
  • Arrange-mode for Presenter Window layout.
  • Added capability to select which Output Windows are included in the Monitor Panel.
  • Mobile Control has been converted to a Progress Web App technology replacing the app store versions.
  • Reworked and Improved the Shift Worship media import process.
  • Reworked and improved the SongSelect song import process.
  • Added an account management window.
  • Web features now use the new Chromium Edge browser components rather than the older Internet Explorer components for better compatibility with current websites.

Version 9.1

  • Added support for Network Device Interface (NDI) streaming (Ultra Edition).
  • Added two more display output windows.
  • Added capability to have multiple stage monitors or other configurations such as lower-third.
  • Display windows can now be named for convenience.
  • New Emphasis animation that can be used to emphasis text as you step through a slide.
  • New Divider effect that can be used to add a divider line to any object.
  • Animations can now be set in slide themes.
  • Songs can now be rendered to use the new Emphasis animation. Useful when used with a synchronized lower-third output window.
  • Scripture presentation can now be rendered to use the new Emphasis animation. Useful when used with a synchronized lower-third output window.
  • Slide objects can now be positioned relative to their layout field.
  • Slide objects can now be positioned relative to the slide, not just the slide margins.
  • DeckLink output can now be specified for any Display Window (previously, only Display Window 1 was supported).

Version 9.0

  • Improved support for video formats:
    • Support for higher bitrate videos
    • Support for higher resolution (4K) videos
    • Native support for H.264 (no additional plug-in required)
    • Note: These new features are presently only available for Windows 10.
  • Improved slide show merging: Now avoids making duplicate slide properties.
  • Support for scanner devices re-implemented.
  • Can now rotate and crop while importing an image from a scanner.
  • Rotation support for images in programs.
  • Crop and rotate functions now together in slide builder for images.
  • Alternate UI theme options for the presentation control window.

Version 8.5

  • Slide Show Artisan
  • Image rotation support.
  • Auto-rotation support for image for files containing rotation metadata.
  • UI improvements for Slide Show Builder image editing.
  • Added capability to import PowerPoint presentations step-by-step.
  • Added capability to import PowerPoint presentations as video files.
  • Added capability to specify a preview display output that can be sent to a separate monitor, partial monitor, or embedded in the Presenter Window.
  • The Stage Display now uses the blank slide properties assigned to it when a blank slide is presented. This is also true for the new Preview Display.
  • Added capability to specify the file naming templates for new programs, slide shows, and imported media.
  • Added capability to set left and right indents for slide text.
  • Added subthemes for slide shows.
  • Text underline has been improved so that the line is now thicker.

Version 8.4

  • SongShow Drive for easily sharing media content with others on your media team.
  • Cross platform apps for SongShow Drive
  • 50MB SongShow Drive space provided with active SongShow Upgrade subscription. (Upgradable)
  • New mobile control app.
  • Direct package-to-go for Video Chains.
  • New Audio Chain feature including direct package-to-go support.
  • Fixed compatibility issue of PowerPoint introduced with Windows 10 1607 Release.
  • Improved the handling of graphics when the system gets elevated.

Version 8.3

  • Media synchronization for collaborating with others on your media team.
  • 50MB SongShow Sync provided with active SongShow Upgrade subscription. (Upgradable)
  • Capability to schedule slides.
  • Capability to schedule signage machine channels (SongShow Signage).
  • Windows 10 compatibily and official support.

Version 8.2

  • Timers now work like other video formats and can be used in all places that videos are used (primary feature, background, Overlay Improv, etc.)
  • Timers now have an option to countdown to the next quarter, half, or whole hour
  • Three layout presets for the SongShow Plus Control Window letting you set up different configurations for various scenarios (one layout for media preparation, another layout for media presentation, etc.)
  • The preview slides for the Program Panel can now be set to multiple sizes
  • New box effects for placing backdrops behind and borders around text and other objects
  • New controls layout for Slide Builder
  • The Slide Builder can now be set up to use 9:16 and 3:4 aspect ratios for edit mode
  • Capability to adjust object position and size directly from the Slide Builder toolbar
  • Improved access to machines on a local area network as source and destination for importing and Package-to-Go (lets you store optional user name and password)

Version 8.1

  • Stage display now customizable using slide properties
  • Stage display will now show video, PowerPoint, and web page media items when presented from the source display
  • Auto triple-wide mode to image and video backgrounds
  • Environmental projection support (additional display that uses the background of the source display)
  • Display masks to block out projected content, used primarily for environmental projection
  • Global background brightness adjustment lets you quickly and easily adjust the brightness of the background to quickly slides where there is insufficient contrast between background and text
  • Replicate effect

Version 8.0

  • Integrated media file import from Dropbox accounts
  • Integrated media file import from Google Drive accounts
  • Integrated media file import from Microsoft One Drive accounts
  • Integrated importing of songs from SongSelect
  • Integrated import of service plans and media from Planning Center Online
  • Integrated import of media from Shift Worship
  • Package-to-Go integration with storage cloud services
  • Layered backgrounds
  • Fill-in-the-blank animation
  • Supports up to four independent displays
  • Multiple slide properties themes for slide shows
  • Complete control of media for each display
  • Additional text types for slides
  • Slide theme properties for images and videos in slide shows
  • Media specific slide properties for songs, scripture, video, and images
  • Greater control of the Control Window panel layout
  • Improved support for right-to-left text
  • Enhanced editing capabilities for slide shows
  • Color picker tool
  • HSL color selection
  • Authentication support for mobile apps

Version 7, May 2012

  • New transport controls for slide-based media items.
  • Fade In/Out for videos.
  • Enhanced audio control for slide shows.
  • Slide based audio tracks for slide shows.
  • Enhanced support for videos within slide shows.
  • Control panel monitors for Secondary and Stage Displays.
  • Increased song database size.
  • DeckLink support for most transitions.
  • DeckLink support for PowerPoint presentation.
  • DeckLink support for web page presentation.
  • Addition of new Bible plug-ins: New International Version 2011 and English Standard Version. (Plug-ins sold separately).

Version 7, November 2011

  • Slide previews in the media control and program panels.
  • Audio level control for video files.
  • Enhanced display properties for images and videos.
  • AutoPlay for Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Enhanced Quick List features.

Version 7, August 2011

  • Secondary display output for a second independent presentation.*
  • New scripture plug-ins: Reina-Valera and Holman Christian Standard Bible.***
  • iPad/Tablet stage monitor interface.*
  • New keyboard navigation mode for use with remote control devices.
  • Option to keep display windows open even when the control window is minimized.

Version 7, March 2011

  • Tablet control interface for use with iPads and similar devices.
  • Improved remote control interface for iPods and similar devices.
  • Undo/redo capability for editing programs and slide shows.
  • Support for the Unicode character set.
  • Multi-language spell check
  • Auto-save for programs.
  • Increased song database size.

Version 7, October 2010

  • Search-by-Color feature for image and video files.
  • Searcy-by-metadata feature for image and video files.
  • Video Chains as motion backgrounds and slide video objects
  • Improved integration of media importers
  • Program panel improved providing more granularity for presenting mid-slide items
  • Preview release of mobile control (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, etc.)

Version 7, June 2010

  • Improved support for YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • New tolerance setting for transparency colors for images.
  • New image import tool for importing a single video frame for use as an image object.
  • New Color Key effect.*
  • New short-cut keys for opening, creating, and saving slide shows and programs.

Version 7, March 2010

  • Web page presentation support.
  • Color Improv for on-the-fly color changes.*
  • Overlay Improv for the overlay of videos and images.*
  • Audio File Improv for on-the-fly audio file playback.*
  • Instant Message for showing nursery alerts and other messages.*
  • Stage Message similar to Instant Message but for the stage monitor.*
  • Video Effects scroll and blink.*

Version 7, December 2009

  • Windows 7 Support.
  • Support for multi-processor (multi-core, hyper-threaded) machines.
  • Reflection effect.**
  • Improved user interface for Background Improv.

Version 7, September 2009

  • Capability to re-run slide show builders on slide shows that were created by them.
  • New Background Sequence Builder.
  • Access to Display Property presets from the Control Window toolbar providing an easier way to use presets.
  • Capability to paste files directly from a copied .zip file.
  • Improved import utilities for PowerPoint.
  • New PowerPoint import into SongShow Plus slide shows (import as image slides).
  • Capability to restore a slide show package from within the SongShow Plus control window.
  • Enhancements to the stage monitor feature.
  • Additional options for sizing images and videos in slide shows.
  • Option for looping a video within a slide show.
  • New Basic Display Properties window for easier setting of global display properties. (Advanced properties are still accessible.)

Version 7, May 2009

  • Stage monitor output
  • Export feature for slide shows
  • New title options for song presentation
  • Additional public domain Bibles
  • New Copyrighted Bible plug-ins***
  • Support for H.264 .mov and .mp4 files***

Version 7, February 2009

  • Improved support for custom formatting of songs
  • Enhanced Windows shell and AutoRun integration
  • Improved ease-of use for importing media files
  • Improved support for non-English languages

Version 7, November 2008

  • Support for DeckLink video card for lag-free text-over-video***
  • Gaussian blur for improved softening of photos*
  • Transition timings now in seconds
  • Random transitions
  • Improved support for lower-third slides

Version 7, July 2008

  • Video objects for slide shows
  • Video sequence builder
  • Video slide inserter
  • Image slide inserter
  • Hue-based effects*
  • New cinematic effects**
  • New and improved Pan / Zoom Effect**

Version 7, April 2008

  • Capability to convert songs to slide shows
  • New text slides builder
  • New photo slides builder
  • New top-ten list builder
  • New scripture slides builder
  • Exit animations

Version 7, January 2008

  • Custom song parts
  • Improved SongSelect importer
  • In-edit spell-checking
  • Improved support for 16:9 displays
  • PowerPoint 2007 Support

Version 7, October 2007

  • Enhanced controls for text fill/outline
  • Capability to use motion fills for objects and text
  • Gradient and pattern fills support transparency
  • Thumbnail view of media items in file panels
  • Service elements for programs
  • File search mechanism
  • Completed Vista compatibility

Version 7, June 2007

  • Audio tracks for slide shows
  • Audio tracks for songs
  • New cinematic effect**

Version 7, April 2007

  • Transparency support for PNG and TIFF images
  • Support for GIF images
  • New Video Effects Collection for images and videos
  • All effects can now be used with video files using RipFX technology
  • Complete support for object rotation

Version 7, October 2006

  • Improved DVD support

Version 7, August 2006

  • Custom settings for transitions and animations
  • Release of the Cinematic Effects Collection**

Version 7, June 2006

  • User can now have multiple song edit windows open
  • Multiple download support from SongSelect
  • Easier adding of songs after import

Version 7, February 2006

  • Audio file support
  • Background Improv*
  • Video Chain*
  • 3D animations*
  • Easier background selection
  • Toolbar customizations
* Professional Level license required. May also be available through a separate plug-in license for Basic Level license users.
** Cinematic Effects license required
*** Plug-ins sold separately
**** Requires a Silver Level subscription.
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