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Harness the power of the most visible space you have - your screens. SongShow Plus allows you to communicate anything and everything in the most visually striking way - right out of the box.

The most visible thing in your church auditorium or sanctuary is your screen, and your ability to use this visual real estate depends upon the software used to display content.

Many churches use standard business communication tools like PowerPoint to display content, but these tools are not designed for the church environment and have serious limitations. SongShow Plus is presentation software designed specifically for churches with tools for displaying scripture, song lyrics, custom built slideshows for sermon content and much more. These tools not only allow you to display the right content, they allow you to do it quickly and on-the-go with our amazing mobile control features.

Communicate effectively with the right tool and make the most of your visual real estate with SongShow Plus. Download a free evaluation copy today!


You can spend thousands of dollars on graphic design and video editing software, or you can elevate your content right inside SongShow Plus with our creative tools. Control color, overlay custom text, apply video filters - all in real time.

There are a lot of great programs available for creating content for your church but the cost required to obtain these programs is often out of reach - not to mention needing a staff member or key volunteer with the right skill set to make content.

Most of the time, you just want to do something simple, like create an announcement slide for an upcoming winter retreat or apply a color filter or a blur to an existing motion background to use behind song lyrics. SongShow Plus comes with an incredible toolset that allows you to create and elevate content.

Elevate your existing content with great tools like colorization, hue adjustments, blurs, hinges, reflections,image masking and overlay and much more. Create content through our simple builders that not only allow you to layout graphics and slideshows with the same tools found in high-priced design software, but give you the flexibility to change these graphics on the fly right in songshow with no rendering or exporting!


Many churches invest a fortune to get something as simple as overlaying text over live video. SongShow Plus handles live video throughput with multiple layers of media with ease in real time.

Many churches spend a fortune on implementing broadcast-level video production to have the ability to display image magnifying (IMAG) live video with text and graphic overlays on their screens. What if you could have this ability but avoid spending half of your operating budget to get it done?

With SongShow Plus and the help of our friends at Go Fish Media, we have a number of solutions that can give you the ability to send live video with text and graphic overlays right out of the box! Expand your ability to communicate to your church with live video of your pastor or worship team overlaid with titles, scripture references and song lyrics.

SongShow Plus, paired with the right hardware solution, handles live video throughput with ease with little or no latency, allowing you to "IMAG-inate" the best way to communicate with your congregation using live video!


The cloud has changed the way we share content and SongShow Plus provides ways for you to seemlessly share and synchronize your media files between multiple machines.

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way we approach file management and storage. In our everyday life we have replaced USB flash drives with download links and hard drives with space "in the sky". The evolution of technology has forced us to change the way we operate and worship media is no exception.

SongShow Plus harnesses the power of the cloud for syncing your content library and database through its Connect service.

This service allows you to deploy content, pre-built slideshows, databases and pre-built programs across multiple machines. No more swapping thumb drives or merging multiple content libraries from different machines - it's all right there... in the cloud!


There are a lot of great content producers that are making media for churches and SongShow Plus connects you directly to this great content through our integration with Shift Worship. It's easier than ever to find the content that you need.

Having great presentation software is half the battle, you also need great ministry content as well. Ministry is full of talented, creative people making engaging content for worship environments and one of the best places to curate that content is shiftworship.com.

Here you can find over 3000 amazing pre-produced mini-movies, motion and still backgrounds for worship environments, countdowns and more. Shift Worship has premium content for a fraction of the price compared to other content sites* - and the best part is SongShow Plus directly integrates with shiftworship.com so all this great content is at your fingertips! (* requires a separate subscription)


Any church production manager or producer will tell you that the key to a successful Sunday production is detailed planning and it's no secret that the "industry standard" solution for worship planning is Planning Center Online Thousands of production and worship teams are synced up on a week to week basis through Planning Center, checking in on the service order, reviewing songs and video content and confirming their scheduling requests.

SongShow Plus now includes integration with Planning Center so you can deploy all those details right into your Sunday program. Now when you formulate your plans for Sunday, you won't have to worry about duplicating all your hard work - it will simply be waiting for you!

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